Join The Boomer Make Money Online 5-Day Challenge

Join The Boomer Make Money Online 5-Day Challenge

Join The Boomer Make Money Online 5-Day Challenge and Start Earning REAL Income In 90 Days Or Less (Possibly Way Less!)

I’m Dennis Becker, and along with my business partner Barb Ling, we’ve built solid businesses from our homes, using nothing but our computers and the ability to seek out opportunities to help others.

See, we’ve found ways to ethically and easily earn money by providing value to others, and we want to show you how to do that as well (and make it accessible to all who seriously want to discover the Internet lifestyle!).

But you know….

It Wasn’t Always That Way, Mind You.

Back in the early 2000’s, I was primarily running a retail store in my little hometown in northern New Jersey. Times were tough for our store, and I was surviving by playing the shell game of financing my store inventory by use of credit cards, and then paying the mortgage and other bills from the cash that came into the store.

Unfortunately, there was less cash coming in than credit cards being spent. Before things turned around I had accumulated over $300,000 in credit card debt. Yikes!

So I started looking for online opportunities in my spare time, and for a while, I was able to do pretty well on eBay, where I had been selling since 1998. But even that wasn’t enough after a while, and I found that there were better, easier, more profitable ways to earn reliable and repeatable income.

In 2006 I wrote my first book about my successes and followed that up by creating the first of several membership sites to help others.

Fast Forward To Today…

I’ve self-published over 50 books, created several dozen websites, and most importantly have helped countless thousands of people who have passed through my memberships, bought my books or courses, joined our Facebook groups, or subscribed to our coaching services.

My partner, Barb Ling, has been supporting her family via the Internet since 1998. Her first product was the only 5-Star recommended resource by Inc. Magazine. She is the author of over 100 eBooks and specializes in turning ‘complicated’ into ‘simple’, and in helping others become authorities in their chosen niche.

Now We Want To Help YOU Take Things To An Entirely New Level…

Until now we’ve been primarily helping people who have been in our own inner circles or the circles of some of our online friends.

But starting with the pandemic of 2020, at a time when unemployment is at an all-time high…

when almost half of the adult population in the U.S. is out of work…

when government handouts are just not enough…

and when practically everyone already has the tools they need to profit from their computer or even their smartphones…

We decided the time is right to show people what we already know.

Making Money From Your Computer Is Easy If You Know How!

For 5 days, plus a bonus 6th session, we’re running webinars (less than an hour each) where we pull back the curtains, take away the mystery, and reveal what you might have thought were secrets.

(There are no secrets, there are only facts that you haven’t learned yet.)

  • We’ll show you what it costs to run an online business (less than you think!)
  • We’ll show you how much you can expect to earn (probably more than you think!)
  • We’ll show you some of the most common of many ways to earn online (there’s something for virtually everyone!)
  • We’ll show you the steps you need to get your business off the ground
  • We’ll show you the mindset adjustments you need to make to succeed (like flipping a switch!)
  • We’ll give you short easy homework to do in between sessions

Join Us For 6 Days That Could Change Your Life!

We call this the Boomer Challenge not because you have to be in the boomer generation, but because we are.

I’m one of the very early boomers, and Barb is one of the latest boomers. We’ve both thrived and supported our families doing what we can show you how to do. And I feel that we are uniquely qualified to show you what that is.

We’re not going to bring you in solely to sell you expensive courses like some of the real estate trainers do. We’re not going to sign you up into multi-level marketing or Ponzi plan.

We’re just going to show you what’s possible and let you decide if it’s a path you want to follow.

That’s why we’re going to ask you to make a small payment for the 6 days of information that could change everything for you. For one reason, that will weed out the tire kickers who won’t take advantage of the information we provide, and it will also give us an incentive to give you the best information we possibly can.

We know that not everyone will look at what’s inside the life of an online marketer and want to do what we do… just like not everyone will want to look at what a heart surgeon has to go through on a day by day basis operating on his patients.

The difference here is, the heart surgeon had to spend 7+ years of his life, racking up well over a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt in many cases, and then START really learning the craft that pays him the big bucks.

Sign Up Now And We’ll Register You For All 6 Webinars, And Look Forward To Seeing You There

Join The Boomer Make Money Online 5-Day Challenge

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